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Sum Clip[4 Colors]

Sum Clip[4 Colors]

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Sum Clip


Introducing our secure putter head cover, a must-have golf accessory.
It fits all sizes with its easy clip-on design, ensuring you never lose it.
Plus, the built-in strong magnet acts as a money clip, keeping your cash safe.
The included microfiber towel (15cm*15cm) offers exceptional water absorption and quick drying for golf balls. This multi-functional product serves as a golf towel, money clip, and putter keeper, providing versatility for creative usage. Keep your golf essentials organized and enjoy a worry-free game with our innovative product.

[Key Features]

  • Secure Putter Head Cover: This product offers a secure solution for your putter head cover. You can keep it in your pocket, ensuring you won't lose it during your golf rounds.
  • Suitable for All Sizes: The head cover features an easy clip-on design that fits all sizes of head covers and golf accessories, making it versatile and compatible with various golf equipment.
  • Money Clip Function: The product includes a strong magnet, allowing it to function as a money clip. This provides a safe and convenient way to keep your money securely attached to the head cover.
  • Microfiber Fabric Towel: The product also comes with a 15cm*15cm microfiber fabric towel designed for golf balls. This towel offers excellent water absorption and quick drying capabilities, making it ideal for use during your golf games.
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