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Putting Dount

Putting Dount

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Our 360-degree training putting hole allows versatile practice from any direction.
Its 108mm size mimics a real golf hole for realistic training. Simple installation with a tee and carabiner clip for easy carrying. Create your own putting zone anywhere and enhance your skills. Includes 1 putting donut and 1 carabiner clip. Perfect for honing your putting game!

[Key Features]

  • 360-DEGREE PUTTING HOLE- training putting hole features a unique 360-degree structure designed. you can practice and train putting on your any place with any direction(360-Degree) SAME SIZE(108mm) AS A REAL GOLF HOLE- our putting trainning donut size is the same as real golf hole. so you can exercise it like real game.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - very simple to penetrate your tee through the center hole of putting donut.putting donut supported by 1ea carabiner. stick it into real ground. you can pratice it on real ground. If you buy 2 putting donuts, penetrate your tee through the center hole of 2 putting donuts. you can use it anywhere~especially putting matt is perfect to use.
  • EASY TO CARRY- our item include heavy duty carabiner Clip , so you can hang it on golf bag easily eaily.
  • USEFUL COMPACT PRODUCT- If you want to practice putting wherever you go, just carry it and put it simply on the ground, practice and train it. the spot is your own putting zone.^^ we really wish you to improve your putting skill.
  • Our product consist of 1ea putting donut +1ea carabiner clip
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