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Magnetic Under Zero Golf Tee[4 Colors]

Magnetic Under Zero Golf Tee[4 Colors]

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Magnetic Under Zero Golf Tees

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GREATER CONSISTENCY & BETTER SCORES: Our adjustable golf tee offers five different heights (60, 55, 50, 45, 40mm). to ensure consistent performance. Once set, the tee remains fixed, providing stability and allowing golfers to find their perfect swing height, resulting in more accurate and controlled shots.

[Key Features]

BIG HEAD : With an 18mm head diameter, our tee makes it easy to position the golf ball. The main tee body (35mm) is made of silicone, preventing club scratches and enhancing durability by absorbing swing impact. A built-in magnet keeps the tee intact, preventing it from breaking during any swing and ensuring easy restoration after impact.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE :We understand the importance of a proper tee shot, especially for beginner golfers. Our tee features a directional aid device in the middle, helping beginners overcome anxiety and align their shots accurately. It also maintains a 90-degree angle between the ground and the tee, minimizing slices and hooks for more controlled shots.

SPECIAL ROUND GOLF TEE: Specifically designed for PAR3 courses, this tee serves as a loss prevention tool.when used as the main tee for tee shots. It can be conveniently placed on the ground without insertion. When used for iron shots, the tee height is minimal, reducing resistance and enabling longer shots. It can also be used separately as a ball marker.

THE GOLF TEE NEVER BREAKS: The silicone head absorbs initial impact, and
the built-in magnet ensures the tee can be restored even if it separates into two pieces.This guarantees worry-free use throughout the season, as we believe one tee is sufficient for long-lasting durability. Enjoy your game without concerns of tee breakage.

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