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Golf Club Bag Accessory-Premium Egg liner

Golf Club Bag Accessory-Premium Egg liner

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Golf Club Bag Accessory-Premium Egg liner.

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Birdle79 Golf Club Bag Accessory-White Egg liner- Golf Ball Holder - Attaches To Golf Club Bag - Create Your Lines Anytime - Reduces Putting Strokes By 3 - Premium Gift Box+ 1ea Golf Ball+3ea Marker


[Key Features]

  • ⭐ PREMIUM EGG LINER - this product Is a stylish golf bag accessory that also provides functionality to assist in professional putting alignment.
  • ⭐ STYLISH + PROFESSIONAL+ PRACTICAL- By placing metal at the top and bottom of the matte injection-molded body, this product naturally forms an elliptical frame and upgrades to a stylish and professional design. It seamlessly connects them as a key element. Additionally, by incorporating a metal O-ring, it can easily attach to a golf bag, maximizing practicality for convenient use whenever the product is needed.
  • ⭐ SPECIAL FEATURES-Our product has the basic function of storing a single golf ball, and it also includes several slots on top of the golf ball where lines can be drawn. The reason for drawing lines on the golf ball is to aid in putting. It helps align the putter with the golf ball's lines and allows golfers to see the direction in which the golf ball will roll. This feature increases the likelihood of a perfect putt and provides psychological stability. It is highly recommended for many golfers
  • ⭐EGG LINER'S STYLISH LINES-"Essentially, this tool allows you to draw various lines spanning 180 degrees without the need for rotation. By rotating another 180 degrees along an axis, you can create a complete 360-degree +180-degree combination of creative lines on your own. This feature is designed to enhance putting alignment and enable you to create a wide range of alignment options.
  • ⭐ COMPARISON WITH LINES DRAWN C COMPANY-Our triple lines are similar to the triple track found on C company golf balls, with one significant difference being the inclusion of 360-degree +180-degree combined lines instead of 150-degree lines. We guarantee that the 360-degree+180-degree combined triple lines will provide better alignment improvement compared to the 150-degree triple lines.
  • ⭐ BRING HOME THE MONEY-The critical moment is when you need to focus on your putting. the triple lines are designed for precise aiming.Therefore, we highly recommend our egg Liner, which can help you secure a nice birdie (-1) and increase your chances of winning the game! Ultimately, we hope you can bring home the winnings with confidence.
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