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Birdie Golf Ball Liner[Blue]

Birdie Golf Ball Liner[Blue]

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Birdie Golf Ball Liner [Amazon's Choice


Elevate your putting alignment with the Birdie79 360-Degree 180-Degree Creative Combined Line Golf Ball Liner. This innovative tool allows you to draw various lines without revolving, enabling precise and creative alignments for improved putting accuracy.

[Key Features]

  • 360-Degree and 180-Degree Lines: Draw 360-degree and 180-degree combined lines for versatile alignment options.
  • 5 Types of Lines: Choose from 5 types of lines, including 360 full line+half triple track, 180 triple track, 180 triple track+putter parallel line, 360 triple track, and 180 full line, for elaborately positioning your shots.
  • Comparison with C Company: Our triple lines are similar to the triple track on C Company golf balls, with the key difference being the inclusion of 360-degree +180-degree combined lines, which provide enhanced alignment capabilities.
  • Usage for Driver and Iron Shots: The triple lines offer precise direction guidance for both driver and iron shots, improving your overall shot accuracy.
  • Bring Home the Money: Concentrate on your putting with the Birdie79 liner. Our liner provides perfect aiming, helping you secure that nice birdie and avoid the poor bogey. We want you to win the game and bring home the money!
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