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Big Head Short King Golf Tee[3 Colors]

Big Head Short King Golf Tee[3 Colors]

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This golf tee is made of silicone material with a 20mm diameter head and a 35mm height. It features 10 prongs that reduce friction, enabling longer shots.
The silicone material absorbs impact, providing excellent durability and protecting your driver from scratches. It has height markings (45, 50, 55) for easy measurement and customization. The tee comes in high-contrast colors like pink, green, and orange, making it highly visible and almost impossible to lose. The cute tee holder, attached with a string, prevents loss. Overall, it's one of the most durable golf tees available.

[Key Features]

  • 20MM SILICONE HEAD & 35MM SILICONE HEIGHT WITH 10 PRONGS - Diameter 20mm of silicone head ,all golfers put golf ball on any head tee cap easily. and 10prongsdecrease friction by almost zero. so you can hit long-distance! and 35mm silicone material height It reduces the impact of the golf tee when taking a tee shot,and the silicone material of the main part of the golf tee absorbs most of the shock, so it has excellent durability. Silicone material can protect your previous driver(No scratch)
  • DURABILITY –The premium golf tee is made of LG polycarbonate & silicone (height 35mm) with an unbreakable design structure to ensure maximum durability. It has a slightly chubby short cute shape optimized for durability. These are some of the most unbreakable golf tees on the market.
  • MEASURE HEIGHT -The golf tee has numbers (45, 50, 55) written on it, and it is designed to be separated into layers according to the numbers. So when the golfer puts the tee on the ground, it can be put on the ground at a certain height. This means you can concentrate on playing golf game
  • NEVER LOSE A TEE AGAIN - basically pink, green, orange; The high-contrast colors make the tee stand out very much and are virtually impossible to lose. In addition, the cute tee holder (figure) connected to the golf tee with a string prevents loss. There is 100% no fear of losing it.
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