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Big Head Golf Tees[12p]+Figures[2p]

Big Head Golf Tees[12p]+Figures[2p]

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Big Head Golf Tees 12p+2Figures.

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Discover our high-quality golf tees, designed for consistent performance and long-lasting durability. With a variety of vibrant colors and stylish designs to choose from, you can personalize your golfing experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of losing your tee with our secure and reliable design. Stay focused on your game and enjoy improved confidence and precision. Elevate your golfing experience to new heights with our premium golf tees.

[Key Features]

  • GREATER CONSISTENCY & BETTER SCORES - Birdie79 Tee offers quick and easy adjustable height, eliminating one of the variables in teeing off. Simply set the height with the white silicone ring, insert the tee into the ground, play consistently, and repeat. Tee off at the same height every time and enjoy improved consistency in your golf game.
  • KEY FEATURES - Our golf tees have a head diameter of 16-19mm with three different head shapes and three colors. You can choose the tee shape based on your preference. The soft silicone material of the tee head minimizes scratches on your driver. Additionally, adjust the height to 40mm, 50mm, or 60mm, allowing you to focus on your golf game.
  • NEVER LOSE A TEE AGAIN - The height adjustment ring not only allows for adjusting the tee's height but also keeps the tee securely in the ground during your swing, preventing misplacement. Furthermore, the cute tee holder (figure) attached to the tee with a string helps prevent loss. You can be confident that you won't lose your tee.
  • PRODUCT - Each set includes 12p big head tees in mixed colors and 2p cute figure tee holders (two out of four designs randomly selected).
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