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4 Legs Standing Golf Tee[4 Colors]

4 Legs Standing Golf Tee[4 Colors]

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4 Legs Standing Golf Tees


Play golf all year round with ease! Our 4-legged golf tee stands securely on any ground, eliminating the need for insertion. No more worries about ground conditions, especially in winter. Enjoy golfing in every season - spring, summer, fall, and winter.

[Key Features]

Greater Consistency & Adjustable Height: Achieve consistent tee shots with our quick and easy adjustable height feature (45, 50, 55, 60mm).
Set the silicone part to the right height for you and your club, place the tee on the ground, and experience consistent tee-offs every time.
Say goodbye to height variations and enjoy the added consistency that our Birdie79 adjustable golf tees bring to your game.

Par 3 Golf Tee (42mm length): This tee prevents the loss of our 4-legged standing golf tee. It also doubles as a tee for par 3 rounds.
Disassemble the par 3 golf tee from this product and adjust its height using the attached white ring. It offers versatility and convenience for different golfing scenarios.

20mm Silicone Head & 32mm Silicone Height with 10 Bumps: The 20mm silicone head provides a convenient surface for placing the golf ball.
The 10 bumps on the tee cap minimize friction, allowing for longer shots. The 32mm silicone height reduces impact during tee shots,
while the durable silicone material absorbs shock, ensuring excellent durability. Protect your precious driver from scratches with our silicone material.

Fluffy Tee Holder (60mm diameter): This tee holder serves a dual purpose - it prevents the loss of the 4-legged standing golf tee and the par 3 golf tee.
It is also a handy solution for carrying tees in your pocket during your golf course journey. Made of soft cotton, it offers comfortable pocket storage without any discomfort.
Hang it conveniently in various conditions.

These key features provide convenience, versatility, and durability for golfers of all levels. Enjoy consistent tee shots, versatility for different scenarios,and convenient tee storage with our innovative Birdie79 golf tees.

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