Why Draw Three Lines on a Golf Ball? Reduce putting by - 3 strokes!

Why Draw Three Lines on a Golf Ball? Reduce putting by - 3 strokes!

Golf is a sport where precision and consistency are crucial. Many golfers use various techniques and tools to enhance their putting accuracy on the green. One such method is drawing lines on the golf ball. Specifically, drawing three lines can significantly aid in putting. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons for drawing three lines on a golf ball and the benefits it offers.

1. Improved Putting Alignment

The primary reason is to make alignment easier during putting. Drawing three lines on the golf ball helps you align the putter's face with the golf ball more accurately. This ensures that the ball travels in the intended direction towards the target. In particular, a lined ball shows alignment with the target point better than a plain ball.

2. Visual Aid

Drawing three lines on the golf ball allows you to track the ball's movement more easily during the putting stroke. This helps in maintaining a straight and consistent putting stroke. Additionally, ensuring the lines match up with the putter's alignment aids significantly in increasing putting success.

3. Mental Confidence

Beyond the visual aid, three lines also contribute to mental stability. Providing a clear aim point when striking the ball boosts your confidence. This reduces stress during the game and helps you focus better on your putting.

4. Enhanced Consistency

Consistency is key in golf. Aligning and putting the ball in the same way each time is essential for consistent performance. The three lines assist in aligning the ball the same way every time. This allows you to apply the skills learned during practice consistently in actual games.


Drawing three lines on a golf ball is more than just a visual aid; it is an extremely useful method to enhance putting accuracy and consistency. Many professional golfers use this technique to maximize their performance on the green. Give it a try and improve your putting skills today!

Additional Tip: How to Draw Lines on a Golf Ball

Drawing lines on a golf ball is very simple. You can use a line drawing tool or a simple marker at home. The important thing is to ensure each line is parallel and maintains a consistent distance. This provides the best visual aid during putting.

Try it out yourself. A small change can make a big difference. For better putting, start drawing lines on your ball today!

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