Triple Lines on Golf Balls: The Secret to Reducing 3 Putts

Triple Lines on Golf Balls: The Secret to Reducing 3 Putts

Golf demands precision and focus. The innovative design of 'Triple Lines,' featuring three lines drawn on golf balls, aims to uncover how this subtle change contributes to reducing 3 putts during the crucial putting moments.



1. Visual Alignment with Triple Lines:

Triple Lines visually indicate the precise direction during putting. This assists in predicting the rolling direction of the ball more accurately.

2. Target Setting and Accurate Swings:

Triple Lines aid in setting accurate targets and aligning swings. This enhances precision in putting, allowing golfers to approach each putt with increased confidence from the very first stroke.



3. Reduction in Putting Strokes:

Providing precise alignment, Triple Lines play a vital role in reducing putting strokes. By striking the ball towards the accurately aligned direction, unnecessary putts can be minimized.

4. Boosted Confidence and Efficiency:

Triple Lines instill confidence in golfers and facilitate efficient putting strokes. The accuracy in direction-setting enhances overall efficiency throughout the round.

5. Successful Comparison:

Compared to the traditional triple track, Triple Lines deliver superior results. The combination of 3 lines at 360 degrees and 180 degrees enables more accurate putting, ultimately effectively reducing the number of strokes.



The secret to reducing 3 putts lies in the precision of alignment and the predictable rolling direction introduced by Triple Lines on golf balls. These subtle lines bring success in putting and provide golfers with a newfound sense of achievement on the course.

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