The secret to reducing golf putting by 3 strokes.

The secret to reducing golf putting by 3 strokes.


Drawing lines on a golf ball is a common practice among many golfers. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind drawing lines on golf balls and how it can help improve both your score and your swing.

1. Visual Support for Accurate Strikes:

Drawing lines on a golf ball allows you to see more clearly how the clubhead interacts with the ball during your swing. This helps in predicting the impact point accurately and aids in aligning yourself better while addressing the ball.

2. Enhanced Alignment and Bearing:

Lines drawn on a golf ball can also improve alignment. They make it easier to visualize the rotation and direction of the ball, assisting in maintaining precise bearing.

3. Score Improvement:

Using a lined golf ball can enhance accuracy in various strokes, including putting. Precision in your strokes can make a significant difference in improving your score.

4. Practice for Swing Improvement:

Drawing lines on a golf ball provides more feedback during practice, aiding in swing improvement. It enables you to better understand and refine your swing path and the ball's rotation.

5. Tips and Advice:

Provide advice and useful tips on how to draw lines and effectively utilize them in practice. Offer guidance to readers on how to incorporate the habit of drawing lines into their game effectively.


Drawing lines on a golf ball is a simple yet effective way to increase accuracy and enhance your swing. These small improvements can lead to better scores and a more enjoyable golfing experience.

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