Reduce Your Putting Score by 3 Strokes?!

Reduce Your Putting Score by 3 Strokes?!

The Art of Drawing Lines on Golf Balls for Putting: 3 Stroke-Saving Technique

When you watch professional golfers lining up their putts on the greens, you may notice something peculiar - many of them have drawn lines on their golf balls. This seemingly simple act has a significant impact on their putting performance, and in this blog post, we'll explore the reasons behind it.

1. Alignment Precision:

The primary reason golfers draw lines on their golf balls is to improve alignment. Accurate alignment is crucial for sinking putts, and a well-drawn line helps golfers ensure their putter face is square to the target line. When you align your putter along the line, it serves as a visual aid to ensure you're addressing the ball correctly and aiming at your intended target.

2. Consistency:

Drawing lines on golf balls also helps in achieving consistency in setup and stroke. By using the same alignment technique on every putt, golfers can establish a routine that leads to more reliable results. It eliminates any guesswork when it comes to positioning the ball or aligning the putter.


3. Readiness to Adapt:

Golfers often need to adjust their aim based on the slope and break of the green. The drawn line allows golfers to make minor adjustments easily. They can align the line with the intended break and trust that they are setting up correctly for the putt. This adaptability can be a game-changer on tricky greens.

4. Mental Comfort:

Psychology plays a significant role in putting. Having a drawn line on the ball can provide a sense of comfort and confidence. Golfers know they've taken the time to set up properly, and this can help reduce anxiety and nervousness on the greens.

5. Aid for Reading Greens:

Some golfers also use the line to help read the green's break and slope. By aligning the line with the intended putting line, they can get a better sense of how the ball should roll to the hole.



In conclusion, drawing lines on golf balls for putting is a common practice among golfers at all levels. It serves as a visual aid to improve alignment, consistency, and adaptability on the greens. While it may not guarantee every putt will drop, it certainly helps golfers make more confident and accurate strokes, ultimately leading to lower scores. So, the next time you're on the putting green, consider giving it a try and see if it makes a difference in your putting game!


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