Mastering the Art of Golf Putting: Why Precision Matters

Mastering the Art of Golf Putting: Why Precision Matters


The Challenge of Golf Putting

Putting in golf, seemingly simple, is a game-changing skill.
Rolling the ball toward the target demands precision and practice.
Navigating flat or sloped greens can be a real challenge, making putting the toughest part of the game.

The Essence of Successful Putting

The key to a successful putt is a perfectly square clubface at impact.
Even minor deviations, like 1-3 degrees of clubface opening or closing, can lead to missed putts.
Data from launch monitors like TrackMan shows that minor errors in face angle can greatly affect putting success at different distances.

The Path to Proficient Putting

Practice, practice, and more practice are essential to achieve a consistently square impact.
To enhance practice efficiency, consider drawing lines on your golf ball.
Many golfers now draw three lines on their golf balls to improve alignment accuracy and increase the chances of a square impact.

Innovations in Putting Alignment

Callaway popularized the use of three lines on putters and golf balls to improve alignment accuracy.
They even introduced a 360-degree alignment with three lines on golf balls.
Before Callaway, Birdie79 was a pioneer in this field, introducing three lines and 360-degree alignment with their ball liner.

Birdie79's Innovation - The Egg Liner

Birdie79 recently launched the third-generation ball liner known as the 'Egg Liner.'
It retains the advantages of its predecessors, including three lines and full 360-degree alignment.
What sets it apart is its versatility as an accessory, available in stylish colors to personalize your golf game.
Nam Dohyun, CEO of Birdie79, emphasized that the Egg Liner is designed to be used on the golf course and offers golfers a valuable tool to enhance their putting accuracy.


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